Primary IDsort ascending Sex Age at Time of MRI Age at Death Rearing History Type of Brain Resource Available
T4091 Female 1.2 Other Fixed, Frozen
T3688 Male 4.6 Nursery Reared Fixed
T3491 Male 8.3 Other Fixed
T3479 Female 5 5 Other Fixed, MRI
T3347 Female 33.4 33.4 Wild born Fixed, MRI
T3211 Female 31 31 Mother Reared MRI, Fixed
T3181 Male Nursery Reared Fixed
T3154 Male 16.6 Other Fixed
T3095 Male 34.4 34.4 Wild born MRI, Fixed
T3063 Female 18.5 Nursery Reared Fixed, Frozen
T3027 Female 25.4 Mother Reared Frozen
T3017 Female Other Fixed
T3015 Male 19.1 Other Fixed, Frozen
T3010 Male 0 Other Fixed
T2995 Female 17.2 Other Fixed
T2987 Male Other Fixed
T2954 Male Nursery Reared Fixed
T2925 Male 33.3 Other Fixed, Frozen
T2876 Female 37 Unknown Fixed
T2803 Female 19.2 Other Fixed
T2797 Male Wild born Fixed
T2677 Female 18.5 18.5 Wild born Fixed, MRI
T2415 Male 24.8 Wild born Fixed
T2302 Female 37.5 Mother Reared Fixed
T2136 Male 34.2 Wild born Fixed
T2124 Male 26.2 Wild born Fixed
T2093 Male 33.2 Wild born Fixed, Frozen
T2025 Male 35.3 Wild born Fixed
T2014 Female 48 Wild born Fixed
T1967 Male 35.7 Wild born Fixed
T1882 Male 40.6 Wild born Fixed
T1816 Male 42.3 Wild born Fixed, Frozen
T1784 Male 31 Wild born Fixed


National Chimpanzee Brain Resoure is supported by NIH - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


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