Primary ID Sexsort ascending Age at Time of MRI Age at Death Rearing History Type of Brain Resource Available
NCBR22 Unknown Unknown Fixed
NCBR1 Unknown Unknown MRI
NCBR12 Unknown 0 Unknown Fixed
NCBR16 Unknown Unknown Fixed
NCBR18 Unknown 10 days 10 days Unknown MRI
NCBR20 Unknown stillborn Unknown Fixed
NCBR6 Unknown Unknown Fixed
NCBR7 Unknown Unknown Fixed
NCBR8 Unknown Unknown Fixed
NCBR9 Unknown fetal Unknown Fixed
NCBR25 Unknown 0 Other Frozen
NCBR32 Unknown 0 Mother Reared Frozen
NCBR28 Unknown 0 Unknown Frozen
NCBR21 Unknown 0 Unknown Fixed, Frozen
NCBR27 Unknown Unknown Fixed
5937 Male 13 Nursery Reared MRI, DTI
4734 Male 20.5 Nursery Reared Fixed, Frozen
T2136 Male 34.2 Wild born Fixed
5532 Male 23 31 Nursery Reared MRI, DTI, Fixed
3916 Male 25.5 Nursery Reared Fixed, Frozen
4735 Male 20.5 Other Fixed, Frozen
T3095 Male 34.4 34.4 Wild born MRI, Fixed
5539 Male 15.8 Mother Reared Fixed
5293 Male 24 Mother Reared MRI
3836 Male 22.2 Nursery Reared MRI, Fixed
3552 Male 27 Nursery Reared MRI
4367 Male 35.8 35.8 Other MRI, Fixed
4746 Male 27 Mother Reared MRI
2601 Male 41 45.2 Wild born MRI, Fixed
5546 Male 15 Nursery Reared MRI
3953 Male 26 Nursery Reared Fixed
5295 Male 24 Mother Reared MRI
3553 Male 19 Other Fixed


National Chimpanzee Brain Resoure is supported by NIH - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


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